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03 February 2012 @ 01:27 am


I guess I have some explaining to do whoooooops.

I've been neglecting you. A lot. F-for Tumblr. Ohmygod I've only been here for kinkmemes and the occasional browsing through egl_comm_sales I'm so sorry you guyssss

I still love you

from the bowels of tumblrrrr

and I've always wanted to use this mood god dammit I'm going to use this mood
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20 July 2011 @ 05:01 pm

Words just. Can't describe how upset I am FFFFFFFF ohmygod why. WAITED TEN YEARS /SOB

Urhmphhh. All-encompassing rage aside, stuff that's happened this past month:

     ☆Got more hours at work~! Now I can actually afford more stuff than just gas and insurance. Saving as much as I can, just in case.

     ☆Willamette contacted me and told me I got Kaneko Commons as a dorm--SUPER EXCITED 'cause that's the one I wanted. It's the TIUA dorm, and it's really nice inside. Also the only dorm with air conditioning. YEAH~~

     ☆stud_monkey  got me into Sengoku Basara and ffdhjasklfa I adore this series. Jesus why is everyone so...LIKEABLE? FOR LACK OF BETTER WORDS but then I love incredibly over-the-top shows to begin with so. Glee~ I found my giftcard so I went ahead and ordered SenBasa3, it should be here in a few days. ALL MY EXCITE. also Yukimura's cute when he cries

     ☆Went to see the midnight premiere of Harry Potter. JUST. AHKLFJSKA. OH MY GOD. Best theater experience I've ever, ever had. EVERYONE IN THE THEATER WAS CHEERING AND SCREAMING AND CRYING and Neville. Neville. Just. agdhsagah so many FEELINGS

     ☆I've been walking around a lot i.e. I just discovered the camera on my iTouch so I took  pictures:
               -I actually didn't notice this until I was looking right at it. There are rocks there that you can't see during high tide, so I imagine these guys were from out of town and didn't know...oops.
               -These are pieces of the sailboat that washed up on the beach by my house after the tsunami in March. I was a little surprised to see them still there.
               -Grandpa made these last night and they were so cute I had to take a picture. They tasted pretty good too, given I don't much care for strawberries.

That's all!
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Graduated! And nothing has changed. I don't think it will until I move out, hahaha~ It's really nice not having to worry about homework and grades for a few months, though. Again, at least for a few months.

So many family members showed up for graduation, it totally took me off-guard. Never felt so loved and supported in my life.♥

The weather's been fantastic lately, it really puts me in a good mood. If all goes well today I'm gonna go eat lunch with my mom, and maybe go for a walk around town afterward.

So, uh, Tuesday night I was attempting to make vegetable tempura since I really need to eat more veggies, and like an idiot I was using a frying pan and tongs as opposed to an actual fryer and a basket (which we HAD derp). I had a piece of sweet potato in the tongs, it slipped out of the tongs, fell into the oil, oil splashed everywhere and now I have gnarly second-degree burns all up and down my forearm. Drove 30 miles to the doctor (go go living in the sticks), they gave me some burn cream, gauze, and bandages so that's cool. It doesn't hurt now, it just itches. Although, I had to get a tetanus shot the day after and oh god that made me feel so awful. It's not like it hurt, I just kept having moments where I'd get dizzy and nauseous and hot and have to lay down.


A-and people are being really nice to me, y-you guyssssss ;__;♥

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I can vote! And read porn in broad daylight not that I don't already

It honestly feels really weird telling people I'm 18 because to me, everyone I know has always seems so much more "grown-up" to me, and I've always felt ten. Kinda. That was a weird sentence.

Steve knitted me an awesome scarf as a birthday present and Ty gave me Suikoden III so I've been playing that. Eeeeeee. <3

English teacher wants us all to do a "senior farewell" which is like a 5-minute speech/presentation on.....I don't know, really. A farewell.

I uh honestly don't know what to say??? HAHA apart from my friends there are only like three or four people in this entire school that actually talk to me on a regular basis. IT'S NOT THAT I'M ANTISOCIAL I'M JUST. Awkward and quiet and I never have anything to say. I STILL HAVE NOTHING TO SAY HAHAHAHA

boy I should really spellcheck my sentences before I post them
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14 May 2011 @ 02:38 pm

asfhajklgfag I'm going to prom

I'm really apprehensive about this ugh ugh ugh

Like, I don't do well in crowds. I'm trying to convince myself that it's gonna be awesome, buuuut. eh.

Quickly bulletpointing stuff that's happened in the past month before I forget again:

  • Going to Willamette ahflakfjakff;lk. My family and I were a little concerned at first as to whether I was gonna be able to go or not, but they gave me extra financial aid so YAY~ I AM SO EXCITED LIKE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW
  • Getting another job over the summer at this neato tea shop/collectible shop. IT'S SO LOLI IN THERE~~~ Frilly pink stuff everywhere.
  • I've been feeling kinda funky lately. I'm starting to wonder if I'm lactose intolerant or if I just need to eat my goddamn veggies.
  • Saving up for cosplay stuff, yeyeyeah~
That's all I can think of at the moment. Yep!
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05 April 2011 @ 09:58 pm

The moment when Red has an important presentation on a book in English and Red stands there and is like "And so this means that Marlowe is......stuff. And........ </train of thoughtohgodwhatwasItalkingabout>"
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17 March 2011 @ 11:52 pm

(I think I might be getting way too excited about this sort of thing)
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16 March 2011 @ 09:27 pm
YOU GUYYYSSSSSS I finished my senior project and gave my presentation yesterday!

I'm just. I'm so incredibly HAPPY, it's like I'm floating on air. I won't get the results until after spring break (next week, yeyeyeahhh~) but I 'm totally confident I did an awesome job. HUGE load lifted on me and now I can focus on other things, like bringing my grades back up.

And also I finally got to watch Summer Wars with my family, which I've been trying to do ever since the Blu-Ray came out. YES~

Aaaand because I feel amazing right now, there's that happymeme.

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11 March 2011 @ 04:31 am

...and now they're saying it's a "Voluntary Evacuation." Um?

We aren't even on the advisory map! I'd be more freaked-out if this wasn't like the second/third time this has happened. Dx

Irritation aside, my heart goes out to everyone further west of us. I'm watching the news right now and the damage is horrible. God bless.

EDIT: Well. Uh, this is what Harbor looks like at the moment. Aaaand this is why all the beaches were sealed off.Damage.Collapse )

And ah, god, apparently Japan was hit with another quake and now they're declaring nuclear emergency. Everyone over there, please be safe.
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28 February 2011 @ 06:37 pm
After having to walk in it I take back what I said about the snow, OH MAN IT WAS SO COLD, I wanted to cry. Snow is fun in and of itself but when it stops snowing and everything freezes over it's just...ow can't feel face. Brookings feels so warm now. Painful icy weather aside, Willamette University was amazing. I still can't get over how friendly and inviting everyone was. Stayed the night at one of the dorms, and immediately made friends with several people. It was like I already knew them. And everyone's so polite! It's almost unsettling.

The campus is beautiful, the food is great, the teachers seem to genuinely care about their students. I think I want to go here. :D

Also Bandon had more snow than Salem what is this.

I've recently discovered Psapp's music. I like the way it sounds. Apparently they use toy instruments? Their Wikipedia page says they're electronica but to me it sounds more like some sort of folk music? Give 'em a listen.

Beh.Collapse )

Someone was talking about Lord of the Flies today and it made me happy. I love that book~
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